If you’re out in LA, or anywhere near New York or London, there’s a training seminar coming your way. It’s very reasonably priced, I might add.  Yes, you can pay ridiculous amounts for DVDs and videos that may have a small amount of realistic grit, but for around $350.00 you can have a seat in an auditorium like a film school fresher and learn about the roots of mythic story structure from possibly one of the last living possessors of that art.  At least, the last willing to stand up in front of a bunch of bat crazy emu children to teach it.  MckeeStory.com

If you can’t go that route, there’s still the book itself, which will run you about $20 for the hardcover. The paperback is perpetually sold out.

And if you’re still desperate for something under $15, Blake Snyder’s “Save The Cat” will at least keep you headed in the right direction.