This is a clip from Channel 4 (BBC) about women who have adopted the “American Girl” craze sweeping the US, but in a more adult context.  Instead of indoctrination, these women are looking to “recreate” their growing children in infant form.  Exact replicas are reproduced to order, hearkening everything from a doe eyed Hayley Joel Osment in Spielberg’s “A.I.” to the “other mother” in Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline.”  

Yet there is fragility and empathy for women who feel forgotten in a culture that reveres motherhood, yet reviles the signs of old age that come about as women age and children grow and move out. The polite horror of the husbands and onlookers who find their personal silence pried open with these candy-coated psychiatric props only sharpens the edge. The woman who holds the picture of a young boy who is apparently dead says simply, “I just want him back.” The tingly part is that she doesn’t sound crazy at all when she says it. In a strange sense, we see it in normal terms, and wouldn’t we, if it were our great love in that dog eared picture?