I noted with some surprise today that the slight smudge on my N-key, which has become slowly more obvious in the last few weeks, is actually not a smudge at all.

It’s a dent.

That’s right, my prized G5 power book, christened by my pointy fingers some 14 months ago, is now showing my love nibbles.

The N key is in that perfect spot (well, not for it) when my index finger goes straight down. Upon closer inspection, it is trailed in damage by the M and A keys respectively. Amazing when you touch type that you can keep your finger within a 5mm target to do that sort of damage.

Oh well. We all have to sacrifice for my art. I think as a computer, it wants nothing better but to be smacked around a bit. It hasn’t gone off with any other writers yet, at any rate. Some razor-clawed romance writer – well, would I have a computer in the house that would put up with being owned by someone like that? I think not. The alternative is the death by the would-be withering emu crowd. Oh look, another post about not doing anything.

Funny Quotes has this to say on the matter:

“I tried to cut myself last night to Joy Division with my toothbrush. I was sitting there trying to peel away as many layers of skin as I could but I couldn’t make a serious dent in my arm. I kept doing it for half an hour. My mother actually thought I was brushing my teeth for that long!”

And this:

“If God exists why did He have to give me such a horrible looking body? I mean what’s the point in having nipples if you are a man? I’ve tried biting them off in the past but I doubt I could handle the pain. I don’t know what I’d say to Mother on the way to the hospital either…”

I don’t know who the writer is of this “Dan” creature. But we are friends already.

In unrelated news, Atlantis Studios has a site up now offering to take your work and map it out into a graphic novel (comic book in other words.) On the whole I try not to shill vanity publications due to the heavily associated yes men who swarm about the garbage looking for half baked ideas – works which should have become better with a little dose of reality instead of a dive for the checkbook. But hey, there’s something to be said for viewing your work in an entirely different artistic format. The art images in the previews aren’t bad. No idea about pricing. I’m far too cheap.