The NY Times did a piece on writing that is very on target for writers at the edge of becoming good self-editors. Well, if there is such a thing as a good self-editor. I can’t tell. I can only assume you’re doing something worthwhile when you go above and beyond the usual spell check. (Yes, you really have to. It’s your part of the job.)

Cheers to Bloglily for taking up the craft of writing on the train. Yes, you CAN teach yourself quite a bit shoved up between a seminary student and a juggling child actor on the way home each night.

Absolute Write has some useful looking content. Enough to keep you busy while I’m off not answering my phone calls.

As for continuing the course, there is an upswing to it. The more you read and criticize your own work, the more ideas you will eventually have for improvement that you will like better. I had another delicious idea last night. Almost had my face planted on the keyboard before I gave up and went to bed. Sometimes you write through the normal routine just to stumble upon the useful bits. It’s like cleaning out an old attic. Who knew that was up there?!

Actually… back to work. I’ve said my piece. There’s seriously enough good links in here to keep you procrastinating for eons, but at least it will be about the thing you’re not doing right now – and should be.