The very thoughtful Noah Lukeman has created a free how-to book available from here. I haven’t sampled it yet, as free things are best shared first. Hopefully he’s god’s gift, as the further heavenward talent gets, the easier it becomes to share the golden eggs that drop through fingers from on high.

In other events, I finally downloaded the pilot to Pushing Daisies. Had me in stitches. The wittiest I’ve seen in a long time.

According to series creator Bryan Fuller from his IMDB Profile, “I got into writing to become a ‘Star Trek’ writer. I was a rabid fan …I couldn’t have imagined a happier career. But after writing for ‘Star Trek’ for four years and bumping up against the parameters of the storytelling, which sometimes were very restrictive because there was always that magical reset button and you could never carry story arcs over the episodes because they were so heavily syndicated that it simply wasn’t allowed, I began to get itchy…”

It’s really too bad it’s cancelled. I’m assuming there was some shark jumping involved, or else it was a case of networks’ collective fear of attracting an audience too intelligent to speed dial every Flowbee and Hairigami to blue screen of death across the infomercial hour on the Summertime re-runs. God forbid we find a better business model. You know. Like the internet. Hail, the Long Tail Theory.